Weather Routing

Welcome to the LuckGrib Weather Routing site.

Weather routing (WR) is a large, and at times, complex topic. This site describes:

  • what weather routing is, and is not.
  • what the LuckGrib WR systems goals are.
  • how the WR system accomplishes its goals.
  • what controls you have over the WR process.
  • how to interpret the WR results.

In the simplest terms possible, the Weather Routing system is able to generate optimized paths through weather systems, from one point to another. These paths take into account the performance of your vessel and your comfort preferences, generating realistic routes through weather systems. These example routes, and all of the accompanying tools, help you to explore navigation possibilities.

One of the guiding principles in this work is that captains and navigators do not like being told what to do. For example, receiving an email from a system which presents the path to follow, without understanding the decisions that are part of that path, is of limited use.

Captains and navigators prefer to make their own, informed, decisions. Weather routing systems which are able to improve your understanding of how weather systems are evolving, along with some possible paths through them, are welcome.

The goal of the LuckGrib weather routing system is to increase your understanding of weather systems. It is not simply to provide you with a path to follow. You may choose to follow a path the system generates, however the goal is for you to make more informed decisions, not tell you what to do.

Weather routing can be used to more fully understand the evolution of the weather systems we sail through. There are tools in LuckGrib to improve your understanding in a variety of ways. LuckGrib does not simply present you with a path to follow. LuckGrib weather routing is an advanced system which allows you to explore weather systems in ways that have not be possible before.

The LuckGrib weather routing system is a modern implementation of a concept which has been around for decades. LuckGrib solves the routing problem on your device. You have access to the information the weather router used in calculating its results, which, along with the many ways available to present this information, leads to a greater understanding of what the system has produced.

Sailors have been sailing the oceans for a long time without using weather routing. However, with access to this system, you will improve your understanding of how weather systems are evolving and be able to make more informed navigation decisions. This can lead to shorter, safer, more comfortable passages.

The LuckGrib Weather Routing system is designed to help you reason about weather systems and your passages throught them. The goal of the system is to help you make more informed decisions.

Both sailboats and motorboats are welcome. Sailboats can choose to only sail, or to allow the motor to be used when that helps to make progress.

For those who are familiar with the LuckGrib application, rest assured that this weather routing system has been developed in the same spirit as the remainder of the system: to produce the most intuitive, flexible, accurate, powerful and high performace system available. All available to you at a very reasonable cost.

There is quite a lot here. Please take some time to learn the capabilities of this system.

There are four main areas to this site:

Feedback on all aspects of this project is welcome.