User Manual | Running the solver

This is the heart of the system, the weather router solver.

The solver operates with the vessel selected in the configuration area of the tool, in the sidebar. You can create multiple vessels, each with their own set of settings and create solutions for all of them (one at a time.)

Each time you run the solver, the system will:

  • disable the Solve button.
  • clear any existing weather routing solutions for the vessel selected.
  • generate a set of solution definitions for the vessel. The number of solution definitions depends, according to the vessel settings. For example:
    • if the vessel is set to use all available wind fields, one solution will be generated for each wind field present. This is as simple as one for wind and one for wind gust, all the way to one for each of the 22 wind fields in a full GEFS ensemble file.
    • if the vessel is setup to generate many different departures, these definitions are created.
    • if the vessel is a sailboat which can also motor, and the variation to try both a mixed sailing/motoring solution and a pure sailing solution is turned on, then both definitions are generated.
  • all of the generated definitions are submitted to the weather router solver queue
  • the definitions are processed, one by one. Feedback is provided for how many definitions are remaining.
  • when all submitted definitions are complete, the Solve button is reenabled and you can modify the settings and run it again.

If you want to halt the system if it is currently solving a set of solutions, you can press the Clear all button. This will clear all of the existing solutions, clear the solver queue and halt its work on the definition it is working on.

If the Solve button is disabled, there should be an associated message that indicates if there is some information missing from the system before it will be enabled.