User Manual | Performance (Polars) | Introduction

This topic of performance is first introduced in Introduction / Performance and Polars

Example polar diagram.

Here is an example polar diagram as shown in LuckGrib.

If you are unfamiliar with how to read this diagram, please see the introduction referenced above.

Sailing and motoring.

You are able to provide performance characteristics for the sailing and motoring performance of your vessel. If you have a motorboat, its sailing performance is, of course, not required.

If you have a polar diagram file for your sailboat, you can import it, as discussed here.

Vessels can share polars.

Each time you create a new polar in the application, a new set of performance settings, you are creating an object which can be edited and referenced by one or more vessels. When more than one vessel references the same polar, any changes to the polar will be reflected in all of the vessels referring to it.

You can import a polar diagram file many times. This would allow you to experiment with changes to the polars performance by importing it as many times as you need, editing each copy of the performance settings, and then use multiple vessels to compare the results.