Getting Started | Introduction

The LuckGrib weather routing system is flexible and powerful. The LuckGrib solver can be used in a variety of ways and for a variety of situations. A sailor planning a day sail will have different requirements than a sailor planning a long ocean passage, and both can use this system.

At the core of the LuckGrib weather routing system is the advanced, modern, isochrone solver. The solver is accurate and high performance. You are able to provide many configuration settings to the solver, which, where possible, are expressed in real world terms such as reefing at night, setting upwind sailing angle limits, heaving to.

The solver is easy to use, often quickly creating informative results in situations that other solvers struggle, or fail in.

This section is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all of the options in the WR system, that is the purpuse of the user manual. This document guides you through the steps required to start using the system.

As you become more familiar with the system and how to use it, there are additional configuration settings you can experiment with. You are encouraged, at least initially, to try to keep things simple.

If you have the free trial of LuckGrib available as you read through this section, you are encouraged to try out what is being described.