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Getting Started / Configuration

There are several areas where you can modify settings related to weather routing.

Application preferences

The application preferences window, accessible through the LuckGrib menu, has an area related to weather routing:

The preferences are initially setup to keep things simple. As you learn the basics of the system, you may, or may not, want to turn on some of these optional areas.

The remaining settings will be needed less frequently and are described in the user manual.

Vessel settings

This getting started guide has already mentioned some of the vessel settings. Here is the vessel settings editor:

These are all described in more detail in the user manual. A few brief notes are:

System settings

There are several settings that apply to the entire system, regardless of which vessel is currently selected to be solved.

A note on the solver land distance settings. You know, of course, that LuckGrib is not a navigation application. The base map does not contain any water depth information and the solver will happily send boats across what could be shoal waters. It is also missing small (and medium and large) islands from its map. You ALWAYS need to verify any path generated by LuckGrib with your navigation tools to ensure it is safe.

LuckGrib Weather Routing is currently only available on macOS. Support for iOS and iPadOS is under development.