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Position reports and weather routing.

As you progress along a passage, you will be downloading new weather forecasts and updating your weather routing solution. There are a few ways of working with the system to accomplish this.

The workflow that is encouraged is to follow this order:

  1. create a new position report for where your vessel currently is.
  2. edit your previous GRIB request so that its area overlaps your new position. Use your own judgement to request an area suitable for where you are. You want to both see forecast data for where you are heading as well as watching what is approaching you.
  3. download fresh weather data. (See the Offshore Data site for help with this.)
  4. update your weather routing solutions. This will be discussed in the Combined routing section of this manual.

When you follow this workflow, the position report you create will help in the proccess of updating the GRIB request region, giving you the context of where you are, as well as being used by the weather routing system as the start point and time for the weather route generated.