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User Manual | Performance (Polars) | Mac

On the Mac, the Polar Diagram Manager can be opened in several ways. There is a menu item in the File menu named Polar Diagram Manager… You can also open the manager in each of the performance menus in the vessel settings editor.

There are several areas of this editor which are important.

Multiple screens.

The control at the top allows you to switch between multiple screens within the editor.

Imported polar diagrams.

This screen has several controls.

When a polar is selected, the diagram on the right will display its characteristics.

Sailing polar diagram catalog.

This screen shows a catalog of sample polar diagram files. This is described in more detail here.

Briefly, if you want to use one of the samples as the basis of your vessels performance, you select the sample and then import it. Once the catalog sample has been imported it can be further edited to more closely match your vessel.


There is some built in help for this editor, available through the Help screen.