User Manual | Performance (Polars) | Motoring polars

This motoring polar editor allows you to specify how your vessel performs, using its engine, in various wind conditions.

Speed in calm wind.

This may be the only speed you need to provide.

If you have a sailboat which only motors when there is not enough wind to sail, then the winds will be calm when the motor is engaged, and only this speed in calm wind value may be necessary.

If you have a motor boat, you should continue with the remainder of this editor. If you have a sailboat, and on occassion you simply want to motor to a destination, for whatever reason, there are additional controls below that describe the motoring performance in more detail.

No longer calm wind.

The calm wind performance, provided above, will be maintained until the wind speed for this setting is reached. The value you use for this setting may depend, for example, on the shape of your vessel above the waterline.

Boat speed at various true wind speed and angle.

Specify the boat speed at the various wind speeds and angles, as appropriate. Any fields left blank will use the initial speed, the speed in calm wind.