Getting Started | iPad and iPhone | Vessels

LuckGrib supports the creation of multiple vessels. Each vessel has its own, independent, set of weather routing settings. It also has other properties such as a list of of position reports, a color, a route it may be following, and more.

When you start to use the weather routing system a default vessel will be created for you, named Default Vessel.

You can create a new vessel in the Vessel List editor:

Vessels list.
Vessel editor.

To create a new vessel, tap on the New button in the top right corner of the vessels list. You can delete a vessel by tapping and sliding left on the row, which will expose a delete button.

You are also able to copy a vessel using this editor. Tap on, and slide the vessel to the left, and then tap the Copy button which appears. Copying a vessel can be an easy way to perform a short experiment, with different WR settings, position reports, and so on.

To change a vessels name, color, or other settings, tap on the vessel row which will move to the Edit Vessel view.