User Manual | Solver settings | Sailing speed scale (A)

(These setting are enabled through the application preferences.)

Note that for this setting to be enabled, you must enable two settings in the application preferences area:

  • enable: show the vessel performance (polar) scale settings, and
  • enable: show the sailing performance (polar) scale variation settings.

If both of those settings are enabled, then the variation settings will appear in the vessel settings editor.

Generate sailing speed scale (polar) variations.

In order to be able to use this variation ensemble, you must enable the sailing performance, sailing speed scale setting. i.e. this variation varies the sailing speed scale and so it must be active in order for it to be varied.

Sailing speed scale increment.

The increment can be positive or negative. If you normally sail with the performance scale set to 100%, a negative increment in this variation may be useful (to test the effect of slowing down.) If you normally sail with the scale set to a lower value, then a positive increment can test the effect if you were to speed up.

Night sailing speed scale.

This setting is enabled if the night speed scale setting is also enabled.

Similar to the increment above, this value can be positive or negative.

Number of variations to generate.

This is the number of solutions that will be generated.

Change color.

If this setting is enabled, each variation will use a different path color. Note that there are only 8 colors available, so if there are more solutions than this then some paths will use the same color.