User Manual | Solver settings | Upwind angle (A)

(These setting are enabled through the application preferences.)

There is a short discussion on the minimum upwind angle sailing variation in the Getting Started | Routing Variants area.

This variation will help with the question: Can you sail further off the wind and still arrive at the destination at a reasonable time?

Generate minimum upwind angle variations.

This group of settings can be enabled or disabled. When you encounter conditions where you wonder what the effect of falling off the wind would be, enable the setting have the solver generate a suite of solutions.

Upwind angle increment.

The angle increment between solutions must be positive and starts with the current value for the minimum upwind angle.

Number of variations to generate.

This is the number of solutions that will be generated.

Change color.

If this setting is enabled, each variation will use a different path color. Note that there are only 8 colors available, so if there are more solutions than this then some paths will use the same color.