User Manual | Solver settings | Multiple wind files (A)

(These setting are enabled through the application preferences.)

There is a short discussion on providing more than one wind GRIB file to the solver in the Introduction | Uncertainty? | Multiple wind files area.

The solver is able to process the wind fields from more than one GRIB file. You can specify as many GRIB files as you want.

Try with multiple wind files.

These settings can be enabled or disabled. When disabled, none of these settings are used by the solver.

File name patterns.

The way to specify more than one GRIB file to the solver is by providing a list of name patterns.

The strings provided in the file name patterns field are broken into individual pattern tokens by splitting them at every space or comma. Note that your file names should not use the space character as part of their name if you want to use this feature of the weather router.

For each file name pattern, all of the files in the GRIB file library which contain that string as part of their name are found. Then the best file from this list is used. There is more discussion on how this best file is determined in the GRIB input section of the manual.

In the example above, there are three tokens provided. The solver would be run on the best file matching each of these patterns.

Change the color for each file.

If this setting is enabled, then as the solver generates solutions for each wind file, a new color will be used. Note that there are only 8 colors available, so if there are more files than this then some paths will use the same color.